sábado, 25 de octubre de 2008

Bulgaria highlights: Plovdiv and Veliko Tarnovo (y 2)

It's time for part two of our two-part series "Bulgaria highlights". Now, after fulfilling one of our lifetime dreams, visiting Plovdiv, we asked Liliana what other "tourist attractions" were worthwhile. As I mentioned earlier, the not very wide range of choices was narrowed down to two: Veliko Tarnovo and Pleven. Since the former had been a former capital, we decided to visit that one. Our expectations weren't particularly high, so it turned out to be a nice surprise. What is there to see here? The cathedral (minor tourist attraction), the medieval stronghold of Tsarevets (major one) and the Church of SS. Peter and Paul, at the top of the aforementioned stronghold. Don't forget to check out the modern paintings inside.

Once again, I need to wrap this up. More info about this short trip later. Or maybe I'll just make up another entry about the pending trips (Bucharest and Istanbul).

Laura, our tourist guide for the ocassion.

Church, walls and river, from right to left (ahem).

Diego and Laura walking ahead, with the church in the background.

A desperate cry for freedom.

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