miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2008

Where the hell are you? / ¿Dónde demonios estás?

A quick update for those who still don't have a clue about my whereabouts or what I'm diddly-doing right now. Okay, I had been working as a translator in a quite famous videogame enterprise for the last months, but I seem to have an 8 month maximum tolerance to habitats, i.e., I tend to move to another city after that period of time. After I finished my studies I was hired by a "hardware/software/entertainment" company to work in Madrid as a translator. Eight months passed and I was up for a change, so I decided to move to London to prove myself that I didn't have the makings of a teacher. It was definitely a huge success, and after yet another 8-month period I moved to Germany to work as a proofreader (as I like to call it for the sake of my resumé). Interestingly enough, I left after the same period of time had passed. When I made it back to good old Frankfurt, I stuck to this "unwritten rule" and left after the aforementioned number of months; I was up for a change, and so here I am.

I came to Tokyo, Japan, the very first of July in order to learn about the fascinating Japanese culture, its people and its language. I've been taking a Japanese course for seven weeks now and I only have two left. After these three awesome months I'll be back in Spain for two weeks and then I guess it'd be time to visit Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand once and for all.


Bien, creo que la mayoría de los lectores hispanohablantes que conozco podrán comprender el texto arriba expuesto, pero el resumen es el siguiente: ahora mismo me encuentro en Tokio de semivacaciones, estudiando japonés, viajando y trabajando cuando tengo tiempo libre. Llegué aquí el 1 de julio y volveré el 27 de septiembre a mi patria, para disfrutar probablemente de las fiestas de San Froilán (también denominado "San Pailán" ;-D) y descansar antes de embarcarme en un viaje a Australia durante la segunda quincena de octubre. Al haber cancelado el viaje planeado para estas fechas por Vietnam, Camboya y Tailandia, es probable que lo aplace para realizarlo en noviembre, pero esto ya son conjeturas.

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  1. Look behind you!!! A three-headed monkey!!!

  2. "I'm not falling for that again." And then there was actually a three-headed monkey. Let me find those games...